Saturday, November 6, 2010


I recently heard a story about a man trapped in the Arctic Circle. The man had been a seasoned explorer but the harsh climate and blinding snow storm proved to be beyond his experience. With the looming fear of frostbite and death, the man cried out to God seeking intervention. To save himself from death, the man uttered the following words: “God, I don’t know if you’re real, but if you are come and save me.” A few minutes later an Eskimo found him and nursed him back to health. When asked about the intervention, the man gave credit to the Eskimo for saving his life adding that God never showed up to rescue him.

Make fun, and disagree with me all you want, but if I was in the situation I would view the Eskimo as God’s agent in answering that prayer instilling a sense of belief in a living God, and opening the door to a groeing and active faith. I don’t know if you agree with me or not, but suppose for a second I am right. Upon hearing that prayer, God directs an Eskimo my way to rescue and aid me back to health. Afterwards I go on living my life as if that experience didn’t change me; still denying the existence of God, the same as I was before the arctic rescue.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately of God’s reaction to situations like this. The bible speaks of God‘s jealousy. I wonder if God gets jealous when He intervenes and doesn’t get credit for it. What does He do? Does He sit around all grumpy pouting over the fact that He intervened and someone else takes the credit?

Or does He review the incident and shrug it off, then its back to business as usual? Personally the answer is neither here nor there, but isn’t it fun to wonder sometimes?

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  1. i've been having a hard time recently with the ideas behind church, and the bible, thats not to say that I don't believe in a "God" or Creator.
    I was raised Roman Catholic, and we were raised to do good things and not expect any kickbacks or credit given. To do something good for somone without return is truly good, So why would God expect anything different?
    If God really created us in his image, I think he would strive to live by the same rules we do, and not get pissy when we fail to recognize something good that he does.