Monday, November 30, 2009

leading with a limp

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." John 8:12

In a recent sermon by Chuck Swindoll, he shares one of the benefits about walking in the light. Walking in the light is not being afraid to let the truth of your struggles be known. Admitting your life has parts of failure and that you sometimes need help is a benefit of walking with the savior. If you take note of the people Jesus interacted with during his 3 years of ministry, you'll notice that he helped nearly everyone who asked it of him. This is because those who had needs and weaknesses drew attention to it.

They did so not by keeping it under wraps treating their need as a "cloak and dagger issue." instead they brought it out in to the open for all to see. Having one's weakness, ailment, or shortcoming unveiled in the presence of their Yeshua gave them a sense of hope! "Healing will come," they cry. "Surely my insecurities will not be a burden in the presence of the Savior!"

They proclaim with shouts of joy, "If anyone can make good of my dark past, surely it is Jesus the chosen one of Israel!" for He is the light of the world. Whoever follows Him will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.

This makes me think of my own journey with the Lord; as one who has obvious weaknesses and limitations in my own abilities. Why run from it? Why not embrace it and boast about it? The Apostle Paul did and God blessed him for it.

I'm curioous what you guys think... Am I on to something? Or am I blowing smoke up my own pipe?

Friday, November 27, 2009

More Writing Oppotunities

Last week I was attending a special needs ministry collaborative in Calgary and got to share what God has been doing in my life the last few months; which I divulged to you in the last two entries. One of the people attending this collaborative was my good friend and ministry partner Erik.

A side note about Erik...
Erik has his own blog, and is one of the founding pastors of Expressions Community (the other of course being his wife). It is a small group movement in SE Calgary whose focus is seeking expressions of Jesus as Lord in everyday life and community. (For more info check out their website).

On Saturday I was attending Re:Genesis, a ministry of expressions and afterwards he offered me the opportunity to write for the expressions website. providing commentary, reactions to the ministries of expressions. After giving it some thought, it DOES help promote me as a writer so I’m going to start doing so. My first writing for them will be on their grey cup party this Sunday. Rumor has it, their will be chili at this party so don’t be surprised if you see the food critic in me come out in that post.

Also a friend of mine involved in the theatre community here was telling me his theatre group is looking to hire new actors. Part of the gig would involve writing stage plays in addition to putting on shows. I haven’t quite decided yet but they do work with the disability community and it is another place I would be able to practice my writing and hone the craft.

I'm also thinking about attending this next week.

I'm not sure how it'll benefit me yet, but it's something I'm thinking about. well thats my bit, whats yours?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Once It Began ...

Last night I told you how I began writing devotionals in March of '09... This is its continuation

During this time I was still in college heavily focused on finishing my internship and graduating Bible College. I started out the internship with a plan to bring people with disabilities to my local church. However, at the end of the first semester it was clear my first idea was a no fly zone. Fortunately the college and I came up with an alternative plan for the final semester.

From January to April my internship was to be a research project on the needs of people with disabilities in the city and how the church is currently responding to those needs. After the college and I decided this was the next course of action, we pooled our resources, developed an action plan and off I went.

Four months came and went and at the end of it I was juggling classes, homework, devotional writing and the extra demands that come with being a graduating college student. It was tough but at the end of April I was holding my college degree and a 12-15 page research paper on how the church at large can minister to people with disabilities in Calgary.

In May I had a real difficult time writing my devotionals for Got To Be There Ministries in Australia. After some prayer, we realized the Lord wanted me to pursue some healing in my life. During this time, my involvement in ministry (of any sort) was to temporarily cease. So off I went on a personal retreat.

In the midst of my pilgrimage, God was still at work. A friend of mine quite passionate about the church's need for inclusion of the special needs community, read my research and wanted to include it in an eBook he was writing. He contacted me during my retreat and asked if he could publish it as part of his eBook. Despite my reluctance and silence toward the topic, he took the initiative to include my research as part of his publication. (I should probably clarify that I don’t harbor bad feelings toward his actions but am rather grateful he did this).

Though my voice was silent and in seclusion, God's voice was loud and active. When I was trekking through what some called a "winter season" God was at work on my behalf. Because of it, I’m now a contributing author to One Table: A New Social Gospel

And now, at the end of my winter season, I stand with a better understanding of what my next chapter in life will be. Still possessing a heart, desire, (or as some may call it), a gift to minister to the special needs community in my city, and I’m going to seek out ways and opportunities to do so. Encouragement seems to be a predominant gift the Lord has blessed me with, accompanied by a newfound gift of writing. With these I’m going to seek opportunities to write, hoping that my use of language with inspire those who come across it.

Those are my two bits; I’m curious what are yours?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In The Beginning God Said: YES!

Well hello world, I am Tim or Timbo or backwards mit or even hey you works sometimes... just make sure your not talking with the guy next to me lol. I am the author and creator of Tim Bits: Better then a Tim Horton's donut hole, nourishing your mind and soul.

For a number of months now I’ve been encouraged (both by God and others) to pursue writing. It started in early 2009. I was lying in bed one night frustrated with my relationship to God. . I went through a period of going to church with sin in my heart, asking for forgiveness, and, walking out the doors of the congregation-free and forgiven. that night I would be tempted to lust after someone I had absolute ZERO interest in, and end up exactly where I started the day: with sin in my heart. I’d then start out the next morning the same as the previous day. The only difference would be my geographical location.

This pattern became such a regular thing for me; you could almost guarantee that I’d be repeating it no more then three days later. I knew I was experiencing a lack of growth and my bible was just a dust collector; so something needed to change. One night I was laying in bed thinking up ways to break my religiosity toward sin. Reflecting on some of the things that have helped ward off my "fleshly desires", I recalled anytime I’ve interacted with God's word. The times I’ve been asked to preach or prepare a sermon have been the greatest times of growth. These were also the longest time I’ve gone without a craving for sin, or have had the wherewithal to ask for help during the temptation.

After rifling through the countless ways I could study God's word in the same fashion, I settled on sending people a weekly devotional via email. The only problem was I didn’t know anyone I could send them too. But I figured if scripture says the earth is God's footstool, and He created it and knows all and sees all then he knows people I could send these devotionals too. So I asked Him to hook me up and open a door. Take my bible study email idea and make it a reality.

2-3 weeks pass and an msn friend informed me she was starting a new ministry based in Australia. She was looking to put together a team to write weekly devotionals that would get sent out via email to a list of contacts she has, and offered me a spot on the team.

I was shocked at the offer as I had been praying about the same thing almost verbatim for roughly two weeks. I told her yes and began writing weekly devotionals in March of this year.

The story continues another day ... in the meantime check out Got To Be There Ministries International this is the group I write devotionals for.