Saturday, September 22, 2012


Yes! Seriously! At least that’s what I have been challenged with lately: Taking Jesus Christ and my relationship to Him more seriously.
I like to joke around. People have suggested that I be a stand up comedian. I considered it at one point, working on a few jokes I might share on amateur night at a comedy club. Then I stumbled on to a problem ... My quick wit is at its best laughing at situations. I make jokes about the world around me. Most often, I’ll see someone do something, and spin 4 or 5 jokes about one situation.
Sometimes this tactic impacts my approach to Christ. I will take something serious about Jesus and turn it into a laughable moment. On Easter morning for example, instead of basking in the seriousness of the Saviors Resurrection, and its impact on the world, I will make jokes about it being rabbit hunting season and we should all head to the forest, weapons in hand and let the killing begin.
In moments like this, people don’t laugh. They boo me and ask why I don’t take Jesus more seriously. And Rightfully so. Jesus is more then just a get out of jail free card. In the world of science fiction, if I am John Conner then Jesus is my Terminator, taking bullets from the evil T-1000 who only wants to steal kill and destroy my life.
 I wonder why I don’t take him more seriously. What about you? What comes to mind when you think about the person of Jesus Christ?