Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Best Intentions?

My parents just celebrated their 35th anniversary. I joined them this past weekend for a surprise party. It was a great plan my dad had in store for my mother and put together by him and their fellow campers. Saturday was a fun night filled with a potluck dinner a wild party, and if you know my dad at all, very rambunctious. As the night wound down and the crowd dwindled from about 50 people to 4 or 5, someone asked my parents the secret to staying together that long. My mother responded with: GLUE! The key is to stick together no matter what!

But what about single folk like me who want to be married but haven’t found someone suitable yet?

Before she graced the stage of NBC’s The Voice, Raquel Castro took on the role of Ben Affleck’s daughter in the movie Jersey Girl. After walking in on Raquel and her friend playing doctor, we next see Ben sitting the two on a couch as the protective parent asking the boy “what are your intentions with my daughter? Do you plan on marrying her?” later on the role is comically reversed when Raquel catches Ben Affleck in the shower with Liv Tyler. Raquel then asks Liv her intentions toward her dad.

 I can relate to being in that proverbial hot seat getting grilled by either a protective parent or friend looking out for their bestie. Lately I’ve begun to wonder if that’s the best question to be asking. I am a form believer that God has a purpose and a plan for everyone alive. I also believe that God brings people into our lives for particular reasons and specific seasons. With this in mind I wonder if instead of asking someone: “what are your intentions with this relationship?” wouldn’t it be better to seek out God’s intentions for the relationship? If your goal is to have a long lasting and durable marriage; in your relationships beforehand – or even during the marriage – wouldn’t it be wise to ask “what is God’s calling on my spouse’s life, and how can I help fulfill that calling”?

Here’s another thought: What would it hurt to ask a combination of all three?

**** EDIT**** this article became headliner at The Daily Helpers Newspaper!!! =D see the link here.

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