Saturday, September 22, 2012


Yes! Seriously! At least that’s what I have been challenged with lately: Taking Jesus Christ and my relationship to Him more seriously.
I like to joke around. People have suggested that I be a stand up comedian. I considered it at one point, working on a few jokes I might share on amateur night at a comedy club. Then I stumbled on to a problem ... My quick wit is at its best laughing at situations. I make jokes about the world around me. Most often, I’ll see someone do something, and spin 4 or 5 jokes about one situation.
Sometimes this tactic impacts my approach to Christ. I will take something serious about Jesus and turn it into a laughable moment. On Easter morning for example, instead of basking in the seriousness of the Saviors Resurrection, and its impact on the world, I will make jokes about it being rabbit hunting season and we should all head to the forest, weapons in hand and let the killing begin.
In moments like this, people don’t laugh. They boo me and ask why I don’t take Jesus more seriously. And Rightfully so. Jesus is more then just a get out of jail free card. In the world of science fiction, if I am John Conner then Jesus is my Terminator, taking bullets from the evil T-1000 who only wants to steal kill and destroy my life.
 I wonder why I don’t take him more seriously. What about you? What comes to mind when you think about the person of Jesus Christ?

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  1. Hi Tim! I just read your, "Who is Tim Bits" and I have to ask- do you REALLY think you don't take Jesus seriously? From what I saw, your life is very invested in Christ.

    And tell me- how many times during any given day does your heart turn to the Lord to show gratitude or as for His for grace, guidance, and presence in general? Perhaps when you get out of bed in the morning? And still- do you think you don't take Him seriously? Do you think Jesus weighs your gratitude for His sacrifice more so on the day we celebrate Easter than any other day of the year? I don't. But some people will.

    Though your joking manner may not be well received by some, and maybe even a little untimely to some on designated religious holidays, it is not necessarily an indicator for how "serious" you are about Christ, and no other person can measure that. Even if your words don't always show it and you are not measuring up to someone else's expectations for what a real relationship with Christ "looks" like, on a particular day, it doesn't mean that in your heart you do not take Jesus seriously .

    In my opinion, the situation you described on Easter may call for thought on social etiquette, respect & restraint for the people you are with if they don't appreciate your humor on religious holidays- but at the same time, even though your joke may not have been at the top of your game, their assessment of you is quite possibly off. That's between you and Jesus. ie- If I threw something a balled up piece of paper in church it might be very socially inappropriate, but it wouldn't mean I love Jesus any less :-) (Yeah you are not alone- you are not the only one with a wild hare...pun intended). We are all a work in progress, and our closeness to Him varies as we are at different places in our faith. Our sincerity & persistence in wanting relationship with Christ grows us up in Him at our own pace, in HIS timing and intimately knowing what each of us needs to accomplish that.

    If you are gifted with a great sense of humor, and can make people laugh- then just thank God for it! It IS a gift you know and Jesus is NOT a stick in the mud! In fact, His wit is Light Speed :-) Especially if what you find humorous can make people laugh without hurting anyone- sometimes comedy is mean and we have to be careful of that.
    Most of all, bring your concerns before Jesus. The closer you companion with Him, your intended path will unfold and if stand up comedy is part of your plan, His will be done.

    If it had been me there with you on Easter, I would have voiced more an issue with killing bunnies than judging your walk with Christ.

    Your friend,