Friday, December 7, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: Calgary Author Launches New Book

For immediate release

Chasing After Him: Calgary Author Launches New Book
By Tim Schmidt
Published by Tim Schmidt
ISBN 978-0-9876806-1-7
Price $14.95 + GST
Do you long to make more room in your life for God? Does your heart ache to be closer to Him?
Most of us do... but sometimes it seems so complicated. Or it feels like another task to add to our To Do list.
Chasing After Him: 30 Days Pursuing the Heart of God, by Calgary author Tim Schmidt, helps you do exactly as the title suggests – pursue a closer relationship with God.
But these short, simple chapters don’t make it a burden. They don’t weigh you down with To Do’s. They help you see God more clearly, shining light on simple steps you take to move closer.
As you move into a new year, Chasing After Him will renew your peace and recharge your hope.
Chasing After Him ia available for purchase on Amazon Blurb or through Tim’s website
Learn more about the author at

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  1. Tim: Congrats on the book release! When is the book launch party? I wanna come and get my signed copy. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

    Rick Bayer rbayer(at)