Friday, November 27, 2009

More Writing Oppotunities

Last week I was attending a special needs ministry collaborative in Calgary and got to share what God has been doing in my life the last few months; which I divulged to you in the last two entries. One of the people attending this collaborative was my good friend and ministry partner Erik.

A side note about Erik...
Erik has his own blog, and is one of the founding pastors of Expressions Community (the other of course being his wife). It is a small group movement in SE Calgary whose focus is seeking expressions of Jesus as Lord in everyday life and community. (For more info check out their website).

On Saturday I was attending Re:Genesis, a ministry of expressions and afterwards he offered me the opportunity to write for the expressions website. providing commentary, reactions to the ministries of expressions. After giving it some thought, it DOES help promote me as a writer so I’m going to start doing so. My first writing for them will be on their grey cup party this Sunday. Rumor has it, their will be chili at this party so don’t be surprised if you see the food critic in me come out in that post.

Also a friend of mine involved in the theatre community here was telling me his theatre group is looking to hire new actors. Part of the gig would involve writing stage plays in addition to putting on shows. I haven’t quite decided yet but they do work with the disability community and it is another place I would be able to practice my writing and hone the craft.

I'm also thinking about attending this next week.

I'm not sure how it'll benefit me yet, but it's something I'm thinking about. well thats my bit, whats yours?


  1. Tim, this is really great and I am excited to see and hear how Jesus has been working in your life. I can really see how you are growing in this gift of expressing your faith and life through writing and I look forward to reading more of Tim's Bits!!! :)

    Just one question... How do I make it to your blog roll?

  2. its already done erik. i thought i had it already but i guess i was wrong. another thing you could do is become a follower. just click on follow under the followers section