Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In The Beginning God Said: YES!

Well hello world, I am Tim or Timbo or backwards mit or even hey you works sometimes... just make sure your not talking with the guy next to me lol. I am the author and creator of Tim Bits: Better then a Tim Horton's donut hole, nourishing your mind and soul.

For a number of months now I’ve been encouraged (both by God and others) to pursue writing. It started in early 2009. I was lying in bed one night frustrated with my relationship to God. . I went through a period of going to church with sin in my heart, asking for forgiveness, and, walking out the doors of the congregation-free and forgiven. that night I would be tempted to lust after someone I had absolute ZERO interest in, and end up exactly where I started the day: with sin in my heart. I’d then start out the next morning the same as the previous day. The only difference would be my geographical location.

This pattern became such a regular thing for me; you could almost guarantee that I’d be repeating it no more then three days later. I knew I was experiencing a lack of growth and my bible was just a dust collector; so something needed to change. One night I was laying in bed thinking up ways to break my religiosity toward sin. Reflecting on some of the things that have helped ward off my "fleshly desires", I recalled anytime I’ve interacted with God's word. The times I’ve been asked to preach or prepare a sermon have been the greatest times of growth. These were also the longest time I’ve gone without a craving for sin, or have had the wherewithal to ask for help during the temptation.

After rifling through the countless ways I could study God's word in the same fashion, I settled on sending people a weekly devotional via email. The only problem was I didn’t know anyone I could send them too. But I figured if scripture says the earth is God's footstool, and He created it and knows all and sees all then he knows people I could send these devotionals too. So I asked Him to hook me up and open a door. Take my bible study email idea and make it a reality.

2-3 weeks pass and an msn friend informed me she was starting a new ministry based in Australia. She was looking to put together a team to write weekly devotionals that would get sent out via email to a list of contacts she has, and offered me a spot on the team.

I was shocked at the offer as I had been praying about the same thing almost verbatim for roughly two weeks. I told her yes and began writing weekly devotionals in March of this year.

The story continues another day ... in the meantime check out Got To Be There Ministries International this is the group I write devotionals for.

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