Friday, January 15, 2010

Unexplained Absence

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. 2 reasons why: I went on vacation almost immediately after Christmas making the days leading up to it crazy busy. Now I’m back and ready to get into the swing of things again. In addition to it being the start of a new chronological year, this also seems to be the start of a new phase in my life.

This week I have a number of new things starting up for me.

I have a training session to start counseling teens and kids going through divorce, I also start with a new drama group this week, which includes the opportunity to write plays (and they will pay me too YIPPIIE!!!!). Something I have done before and am quite excited to start again. And last but not least, I start facilitating a group of teens with disabilities transitioning from teen hood to adulthood. :) <--- something I’ve been wanting to do for my internship almost a year ago, but now have the opportunity :)

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  1. It was great having you out to Re:Genesis the other night too Tim. Hearing about your adventures I'm sure inspired many of us who were there!

    Speaking of which... Myles started a conversation over on Expressions website regarding last night and I thought you might want to get in on the action! I'll leave the link bellow: