Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Bay of Pigs

The gospel of Luke tells the story of Jesus exorcising a demon-possessed man. (Luke 8:26-35) The man Jesus encounters refers to himself as Legion and is indicative of the severity to his possession. “Legion” is symbolic of thousands of demons controlling this man’s every thought, word, and deed. Upon approaching Jesus, Legion blurts out Jesus true identity as Son of the Most High God. He further claims Jesus' ministry is interfering with the demon’s rule on earth. After healing the man, instead of sending the demons into the underworld, he sends them into a heard of pigs. The three little pigs then take a dive off a cliff and drown in the nearby lake

Plenty could be said about this showdown between Jesus and the demons. The demon's reference to Jesus as Son of the Most High God; show they have a supernatural knowledge of who Jesus is, ask favors of, and obey him. It’s been said that Jesus’ ability to heal the man possessed by many demons demonstrates His dominion over Satan and the other demons (click here). Ink has even been spilled over the Hellenization of the Jews resulting in the presence of pig farms on Jewish land, despite their forbiddance of pork consumption. Something that strikes my curiosity is why Jesus sent this legion of demons into the herd, before they went swimming with the fishes. Maybe Jesus embraced his Jewish roots and was reacting to the presence of the “other white meat”? I don’t know what to think about it, but I welcome your thoughts comments and suggestions. Much love, Tim bits

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