Monday, March 8, 2010

To No End

Where can I go from your Spirit? Or where can I flee from your presence?
Psalm 139:1

After beginning my relationship with God, like a stereotypical Christian I was reading my New Testament at least once a day if not more. (It wasn’t until I entered Bible College that I had a full bible). Around this time, I also became a heavily obsessed fan of the band Creed. The band had just come out with their Human Clay CD and it spent a lot of time in my stereo on repeat. One of the singles off the CD, Higher, was my new favorite. Scouring the lyrics page, the thing that struck me was the likeness Higher had with Revelation’s description of heaven (click here for the lyrics). In my excitement of the co-relation the band had with scripture and biblical themes, I shared my discovery with one of the youth leaders at church.

They agreed with everything I had said but they were still hesitant in endorsing the group. Although the lead singer was a pastor’s son, Creed was not an openly Christian band, and therefore garnered no support from my spiritual mentor. She cautioned me that the devil is a great manipulator, and can make anything sound Christian by twisting the truth or telling a half lie to seduce people into believing something is Christian, but in fact is not. I can’t remember what I thought after the conversation but I do remember walking away disappointed that my excitement hadn’t been reciprocated. Nearly 10 years later, I understand her concern and still heed the warning, but sometimes disagree with that line of thinking.

William Paul Young says the Holy Spirit’s power to communicate is limitless, living and transforming. This is the reason evidences of the Holy Spirit could be seen in anything. A piece of art, music, silence, the people around you, creation and/or nature are all vehicles which God’s Holy Spirit may reveal himself to us. At times the Holy Spirit has even shown up in our pain and sorrow. Whichever vehicle the Holy Spirit uses, it’s always done in conjunction with God’s goodness and love.

As I look at the world around me, I see truth in Young’s declaration. I saw the movie Avatar about 6 weeks ago and like the rest of the world, I sat with my jaw open for at least half the movie. Afterward, I had a lengthy discussion with a married couple about what life might be like in heaven, and much like the main character, we will be given new and fully working bodies. Impervious to the pain and suffering life seems to incur. I don’t know if James Cameron or the countless others involved in that movie intended to convey a Christian message – but it is there. The Book of Eli, The Dark Knight, Superman Returns, Seven Pounds, are other places Christian overtones can be found. Subsequently, these are all tools the Holy Spirit could use to direct one to the famed Jewish carpenter. The Holy Spirit's means to communicate are indeed limitless.

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  1. Sounds to me like you have been spending time at a little group called "God at the Movies" in Expressions Community! : D

    We should talk more about this article later when we meet for coffee! Great thoughts and makes you ponder "What is truth and where do we find it?"