Friday, March 5, 2010

Tim bits...this is your life!

In the 1950's NBC ran a popular TV series titled This Is Your Life. The show consisted of its host, surprising someone famous, and providing a spontaneous, unscripted and entirely unrehearsed biography of the famed persona. I couldn’t help but play this game with my own life as I searched for a challenge from my past suitable for my theatre group's performance this past Friday. It was quite the joy to rifle through my many accomplishments, recall the challenges that have helped shape and mold my life thus far. Most of the challenges that came to mind were childhood dreams now in fruition. some of these were being part of a band, working as a hired chef, following in the footsteps of local celebrity Gerry Forbes and being the voice behind the mic at a radio station, or working as a DJ...something I’ve gotten to do twice =)

In a recounting of my life, such countenance would be incomplete if you do not talk about the extreme side of Tim bits (and no I’m not talking about a franks red hot donut hole loll). To talk about my extreme side, you'd have to talk about my daring nature and how at one point I would do almost anything on a dare. Such things in this category would include eating salad off a floor or meat out of someone’s mouth (don’t ask). To get a laugh you could mention my fabled stint as a UFC welter weight champion. If the host is still running short on material they could mention my attempt at the extreme sport of hydro bronc.

All in all I’m quite pleased about my life thus far, and like Frodo Baggins on Middle Earth, there are many more pages and chapters to be added to my life ... and THAT’S a money back guarantee lol

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  1. So I have to ask............. eat meat out of someone's mouth? lol I like the idea of thinking about what your bio would look like. I think I would like to consider mine and see where I am in my life. I am so glad you are happy with your life. I am even more glad that I get to share in your happiness.