Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Peace at Night on Twisted River

When Last Night in Twisted River, John Irving’s newest novel hit the shelves he adorned the red chair on CBC’s the hour. During the interview, he told George Stroumboulopoulos of his inability to devote 8 hour days to piecing together his works. The authors preference would have been to write all day every day. In reality prior to cider house Rules John Irving was able to devote 2 hours max to his writing. 

When I first heard this, I took that to mean because I had more availability I should be sitting with my pen and paper in hand every waking moment and writing. Truth be told that’s something I am having difficulty doing. Things get in the way of my writing. Advocacy meetings, being on the leadership team when Nick Vujicic came to town, neighbors wanting to socialize, church commitments, and the everyday responsibilities of keeping a home. Some days I get to the end of those daily commitments and I just want to be a vegetable. Throw on some Gordon Ramsey, CSI, or some comedy and wind down, till I head to bed.

When this happens, I would beat myself up because I didn’t spend all day writing and researching a new devotional. I would wonder how can I fulfill God’s call on my life to write a book if I can’t devote all day everyday to writing it? The last few days I have been reminded of John Irving’s words in that interview, and there’s something I missed. In the early days of his writing John Irving still wrote books, he just did it when time allowed him. A process I’m finding myself adhering too in the early days of my writing. There’s nothing wrong with it. I’m still accomplishing God’s call on my life to write a book, its just happening as time allows. Leaving me guilt free and able to accommodate the busy-ness that life brings.

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