Monday, May 31, 2010

What A Week!

Time flies when you’re crazy busy! If you’re an avid reader and wondering where I’ve been the last week let me catch you up. This week I ...

 Finished writing a devotional for my book

 Got started on another devotional

 Had a scrabble game and coffee time with 2 separate neighbors

 Attended the Life Without Limbs Conference/Event in the city

 Took Nick Vujicic to the mountains

 Spoke at a leadership luncheon Prior to the Life Without Limbs event

 Had dinner with the pastoral team from the Abilities Church in Toronto Ontario

 Connected with a pastor from Ukraine and briefly discussed partnering with their ministry

 Battled various temptations to sin, which caused physical pain and lack of sleep

 Paid some bills

 Been feeling sick this last week

 Went grocery shopping

 Had lunch with a friend

 Did the 5K at the Calgary Marathon in 45 minutes on ZERO sleep

 3-4 of those days included 15+ hour days, not including the sleepless nights

With all my craziness this last week, I just wanna have some fun… and if you’ve had a rough time lately heres a few goofy videos to lighten your day

Jeff Dunham & Peanut cracking jokes (warning there is some swearing)

A video of Nick Vujicic (part 1)

Nick Vujicic (Part 2)

Nick Vujicic (Part 3)

Nick Vujicic (Part 4)