Sunday, February 14, 2010

Modern Day Jonah Part Deux: The Shack

I started reading another book recently. William Paul Young’s The Shack. The books main character, Mack, experiences a great sadness that ruins the seminary graduates faith in God. At one point the book does a flashback where we learn of Mack’s great sadness. Not only is his great sadness the root of his distrust in God, but its something he’s been hanging onto for years if not decades.

In the last few weeks a friend revealed their great sadness to me. Upon this revelation I lashed out at the person advising them they need to let it go. Drop it and move on. The other day I couldn’t help thinking about what they shared and found a private corner and vented my frustrations. After having what some call a biblical turrets fit, I spent some time in prayer about my fit and listened to the last of the Jonah series I mentioned in my last post.

What’s interesting is what the pastor talked about. He focused on Jonah hanging out at the top of a cliff hoping God would wipe out the Ninevites after Jonah delivered the message of repentance. But to Jonah's surprise, God didn’t wipe them out.

Instead he spared them because they listened to the message Jonah delivered.
In shock Jonah himself throws a hissy fit and God teaches him yet another lesson (as if being fish vomit wasn’t enough). This time God uses a tree and a worm as teaching aids for Jonah. The pastor then spends some time here as he wonders with the audience just exactly what Jonahs problem is. Rick (<--- the name of the pastor) emphasizes the joy it is to be a part of someone’s repentance story. Instead of having a biblical turrets moment, take joy in the fact that God may be using you in someone’s salvation story.

Then I began to wonder about my turrets moment, maybe there was a message in there for me BUT I am at a COMPLETE loss to help my friends through their great sadness beyond what’s already been done.

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