Thursday, February 4, 2010

Modern Day Jonah

So recently I’ve been listening to a sermon series on Jonah. And it’s surprisingly relative to me today. Not that I should be surprised as all scripture is useful for the teaching and correcting of all. <-- My slight paraphrase of 2 Tim 3:16. Anyways… the basic premise of Jonah’s story is he’s a prophet whom God gives a message to deliver to one of Israel’s feuding nations. Unlike some of his Old Testament counterparts, delivering this prophecy was simple and not life threatening at all. Jonah’s message was this: Change your ways and stop sinning. This time his job was like that of an oil change at Mr. Lube. Get-in do your job and get out… so fast, you could go get a coffee and muffin from Tim Horton’s and by the time you return you’re done.

However, Jonah doesn’t accept this job with ease is hesitant and runs in the opposite direction. Although scripture doesn’t really say why he ran, it does say he didn’t want to do it. As he runs, God chases after him by sending a mighty wind to literally rock his boat which sends him into a time of isolation as he spends time with the digestive juices of a big fish. After becoming fish food, Jonah admits defeat and like a deer caught in the headlights has a one on one with God confessing to his selfish ways and not wanting to deliver the message of repentance to the Ninevites.

As I said earlier, I see a relation between myself and Jonah. What’s the relationship you ask? Well it’s quite simple. Jonah ran and ended up looking like a fugitive on the run from the HAWCS helicopter. And that’s how I feel at the moment when it comes to my neighbors. I could be doing more then I currently am. And the reason I’m slacking in my relationship with my neighbors is that I’m being selfish in doing so.

At the moment I have yet to finish the series so I may have more in common with Jonah. Consequently, my relationship with God may need more of a chiropractic adjustment. It’s tough to say what the next days hold. But I’m willing to listen and learn.


  1. ...i have found that that is the best place to be. when our heart is open and receptive to God then he is able to work out all the character flaws and heart issues. check out veggie tails Jonah..its really good (due to having 3 kids i have seen this movie ALOT.)

  2. Isn't she gorgeous? Unfortunately, she's taken though. :) I'm curious, how did you find my website?

  3. LC

    i have seen the movie more then once... JONAH was a prophet (ooo ooo) but he never really got it (sad but true) ... lol

    i actually wrote a deovtional on using jonah a few mnths ago for the ministry im a part of. theres a link to it on the right called second chances :)

  4. Hi Timotheus! I really appreciate getting your comment on my blog post "God and I". I wanted to offer a response: No where in the Torah does it say that God severed his ties with the Israelites. But there is a particular God formula that we see throughout the Bible, and it ends around the time of the later prophets. After this point, we never see the God formula again ("and God said"). We are reading the same Bible, i think... i'm just reading it in Hebrew.