Monday, February 15, 2010

Third Time's A Charm Canada!

Today is an especially prideful day across Canada as less then 24 hours ago, the Canadian Olympic team captured their first Gold medal at the Vancouver 2010 games. Alexandre Bilodeau, a native of Montréal Québec Canada made history as he rose to the top of his sport last night at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Alexandre Bilodeau has also become a history maker in another way.

Until last night, Canada has never claimed the top of the podium while hosting the world's finest athletes. Making the young confederate country a target for mockery on the Olympic stage.  Canada has hosted the Olympics on two other occasions. Their first crack as host was at the 1976 Summer Olympics as the Olympiads ascended on Montreal's soil. In 1988 the Olympic torch run ended in Calgary Alberta Canada, and of course this years games in Vancouver British Columbia. Therefore Bilodeau cementing himself as an Olympic Gold medal winner last night, is cause for admiration and thanks. Our hats are off to you Mr. Bilodeau!

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