Sunday, February 14, 2010

what does it all mean basil?

In 1999 comedian Mike Myers reprised his role as Austin Powers international man of mystery in the second film to the Austin Powers franchise. in a dialogue with his commanding officer for the British intelligence named Basil, Austin asks the question ... "what does it all mean basil?" and this question I wish to prose here today.

I read a something recently (either in Rick McKinley’s Beautiful Mess or William Paul Young’s The Shack... quite frankly I have been doing so much reading these days I cant remember where I read it, anyways enough of my digression). It was  regarding the amount of time we comb through theological statements. too much time is wasted either trying to figure out everything there is to know about God, or someone will take a certain stance on a theological point (like the grace vs. works argument for example) and spend all their time and energy building an irrefutable claim regarding their take on the issue.

Time is wasted in debate centers and the arenas of argument when they could make better uses of their time by sharing a meal with a starving 40 year old mother to be wondering if she’s going to spend yet another night in the pee stained corner she slept in last night. Or in the middle of the Mohave Desert trying to produce clean drinking water to stave off dehydration, sickness and water borne diseases.

With that said I wonder the purposes of blogs. Now you’re probably thinking of the irony of the statement as I have my own blog that you are reading right now. Let me just say I realize the irony and just because it is ironic doesn’t mean I still wonder... on that note last night I mentioned my most recent posts about Jonah to a friend and advised them to read the two entries. They then expressed their joy and thankfulness in my sharing of Jonah as it resonated with them and I guess was a form of ministry

I guess to that I say there may be a purpose to blogging and a place for debate ... exactly what that purpose may be is beyond me but that’s okay because His ways are higher them mine. I don’t know, what do you think? Do I have a point or is this entry just mindless babble?


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