Monday, April 12, 2010

A Curiosity Of Mine

Last week I shared one of my devotionals on Good Friday. (click here) In preparing the devotional, I couldn’t help but notice the life of Peter. Before he met Jesus, and was invited to join him on his 3 year trek around Israel, Simon, the son of John (Peter’s other name) was a fisherman (Matt 4:18). And after denying Jesus 3 times on the night he was betrayed, Peter went back to the life he had before he met Jesus – that of a fisherman. Not only do I wonder why that is, but I wonder if we do that today. If someone paid by the church to be involved in ministry, goes through a trial where they end up denying they knew Christ, as such they end up jobless, with no means of supporting themselves; what happens? Does such a person go back to the life they had before their invitation to ministry? If so, how often does this happen? If it does happen, can a person then say going back to your “old way of life” after denying their work with and/or for the Savior is a given?

I wondered also if I were to deny Jesus like Peter did what sort of life I would to return to. I had my encounter with Jesus at a point in my life where I was just out of school trying to figure out what to do next. Fortunately, with God’s help I went and graduated from Bible College. Does this mean then that if I wee to deny Christ, completely disown Him, vowing never to go back to being a Christian, would I end up job less and homeless (or something very similar?) Hmmmm….

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