Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Slay The Dragon That So Often Slays Us

For most that know me, its no secret that the last few years I have participated in a 5 km run for a local charity. This year I have kept up my newfound tradition with a few changes. In January, I joined the Wheelchair Sports Alberta Athletic team. As time allows me, I’ve been training with them to participate in marathons and road races via a hand powered tricycle.

May 30 2010 will be my inaugural race as I participate in the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon. I’ll be doing a 5 KM run in support of the Alberta Cancer Foundation. Cancer is a beast that hits close to home as I’ve lost an aunt to lung cancer. Some close family friends have faced the beast that is cancer and unfortunately for me, have lost their battles. I also know some cancer survivors.

Bill Byzek (dead due to Lung Cancer)

Helen Schmidt ( aunt who lost her battle with lung cancer)

John Wilson (cancer survivor twice over)

Robin Mccleland (breast cancer survivor)

I am proud to call them friends and find myself continually inspired by their stories. It is with these people in mind, that I am doing this race in support of the cancer foundation.

If you are willing please be in my corner on that day by tossing some cash my way to slay the dragon that so often slays us. You can do so by going to my fundraising page here.

thanks for your time and support, Tim Bits

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