Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Leaving a legacy

There were guest missionaries from Caribbean Nazarene College at church this week. Amid the testimonies of God blessing the college and its ministry, there was a point Nichole Nordeman's song Legacy played through the sound system. As I listened, these words struck me:

I won't lie, it feels alright to see your name in lights
We all need an "Atta boy" or "Atta girl"
But in the end I'd like to hang my hat on more besides
The temporary trappings of this world

I want to leave a legacy
How will they remember me?
Did I choose to love?
Did I point to You Enough?
To make a mark on things
I want to leave an offering
A child of mercy and grace
Who blessed Your name unapologetically
And leave that kind of legacy

It got me thinking about the end of my life. I don’t know what’s going to be said of me at my funeral, but I hope it will be filled with story after story of how I have impacted peoples lives and how God has used me to minister to people in unexpected ways... do you want to leave a legacy?

1 comment:

  1. I don't know about a legacy - but, I want to make a difference while I am here. I want to be able to say, "I made a difference." I don't want to be prideful about it, but to know that my life affected others in a good way.