Tuesday, December 22, 2009

tools of the trade

I’m reading through another book once recommended by a friend called This Beautiful Mess. In the opening pages, the Author tells he is a pastor. He says the primary tools are a bible, prayer, a crowd of people and a dinner platter filled with bread and wine. He then compares his process to that of gardening. The soul is his soil and he gets his hands dirty by sifting natural fertilizer (AKA manure) into the dirt. Pulling weeds and watering the crop is added to his profile of gardener for the Kingdom of God as his thinks about the best ways to yield a full harvest at the right time. I thought it was an interesting metaphor for the "job" as a pastor. (It definitely takes away from the age old theory that the church needs no volunteers because the pastor can do everything... but I digress); especially when Adam's primary role before the fall was that of a gardener. I’ve yet to be a pastor somewhere so I can’t speak to the truth behind the analogy... but I wonder if there is any truth in the comparison... what do you think?

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  1. Great read isn't it Tim! I enjoyed the book too. I'd like to prod you though on your vision into the identification of a pastor. What characteristics make up the nature of a pastor? Do you present these characteristics in the life you are leading where you are currently at?

    Being a pastor is more then a job or title and in many ways you might find yourself already in that role regardless of stated status.

    With that in mind... Merry Christmas Pastor Tim!!!