Tuesday, December 15, 2009

wrestling WITH God

When someone has an encounter with Jesus, they can't help but change their ways. For some it’s a dramatic and instantaneous experience (see Paul's encounter ). Then there are others, like Peter who struggle to give up their ways and wrestle with what is acceptable behavior as a Christian (for examples, click here and here ).

When I had my encounter with Jesus and began changing my ways, one of the things I always get asked about is my fanaticism toward wrestling. I realize it’s fake and staged to the nth degree, and there are times I get frustrated and critique how blatantly fake it is, but I still watch it.

"But how can you watch something that doesn’t glorify God Tim?
"Watching wrestling is a sin"
"Those who watch wrestling are going to hell"
"Wrestling is a dirty business that God wants no part of"

I will admit some of the content on those wrestling shows don’t glorify God, and maybe if there is any godly content in any of it, it pokes fun or mocks God at best. But to come out and say watching wrestling = sin, could be a tad extreme.

The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, runs his own ministry
Vickie Guerrero, said Jesus was her Lord and Savior at Eddie Guerrero's hall of fame ceremony
Rey Mysterio has a tattoo that professes the closeness he shares with Jesus
The Legion of Doom AKA The Road Warriors are Christians
Listen as Shawn Micheals shares his encounter with Jesus (part 1 part 2)

and last but not least one of God's angels has a wrestling match with Jacob who he later names Israel.

with that said, whats the beef against watching wrestling and professing a devotion to Jesus?


  1. I with you there Tim! I think one of the greatest wrestler's of all time was Jacob in the book of Genesis. After all, this is a guy who wrestled with God all night and was blessed for it! (Gen. 32:22-32)

    I must admit that I am not a wrestling fan and I don't watch WWF or whatever it is called now. But I do believe that wrestling with God is something which we all do from time to time whether it is physically, mentally, or spiritually. To watch others wrestling each other can easily reflect the human condition and as such reflect the moral wrestling we all face.

    I can't say that I don't struggle with some of the confessions of faith which I've heard some wrestlers have made. It is some times hard for me to believe and I wonder if it is simply for a public appearance.

    That said, I've recently started reading C.S. Lewis' book 'Mere Christianity' and he is so right in acknowledging that it is not our place to judge whether some one is or is not a Christian. We might acknowledge that they are a "bad" Christian but we have no authority to judge any further.

    Anyways, great thoughts and just some of my own.

  2. Whats the beef, legalism, fear of everything in life, and making everything not in the church a sin...religion instead of relationship with your father. Mix that in with a bit of power and control and manipulation unfortunately and you get a whole lot of wrestling is a sin, and dancing is a sin, and walking down a street backwards on a Tuesday is a sin...Jesus himself addressed the pharisees about all their rules, verses their hearts. I know your heart personally and you watching wrestling does not stop you from bringing Glory to God, so you keep using your energy to do that, and don't get hung up on those who use theirs on judging and condemning you. Love you bro. Proud of you Timbits.