Saturday, December 5, 2009

winter wonderland

If you’re like me and most the people on my Facebook page, you woke up to mound upon mound of snow. If you’re not out shoveling snow, odds are the forces of nature have changed your plans to something indoors. Despite my frazzled ramblings about the negative fear based reporting by our local news casts the other day I flipped on the news to see if committing to my plans was worth the struggle.

It didn’t take to long to realize, any attempt to adhere to my original plan of helping a friend move then attend the orchestra tonight would have got me committed. So I’m spending the day socializing with neighbors and later a movie night will cap off my "plan B day."

I further realized calling this a snow day and staying indoors was a good idea when I went to open my patio door and could only open it a few inches.... enough space to let in a small rodent who is brave enough to be out in this weather!!!

below are some of the pictures i took of the snow yesterday and today.

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