Thursday, December 3, 2009

swine flu and an old ex-girlfriend

This might seem like a shot at the media but i am just down right sick of the medias coverage of the swine flu. its been 4 months since it first made the news and it seems that its all the media is talking about!!! CTV, CBC, CITY TV, GLOBAL TV AND ALL OTHER MEDIA your getting on my nerves!!!! this CONSTANT coverage makes me want to boycott you! you remind me of an exgirlfriend. four months later you wouldnt let  the issue wouldnt go away. even though i was trying to move on, you kept on bringing it up everytime we met. dont tell me your completely selfish,throwwing as hissy fit and having things go your way is the olny plausible solution! if so, grow up! ... oh wait your the media, chances are you do have a second agenda!


  1. I'm with you there Tim! Just this morning Bonnie and I read a friend's Christmas letter. Once again for the fifth time we heard about two others who shortly after receiving their H1N1 "vaccine" got severely sick for several weeks with non other then the very flu they were to be vaccinated against!

    In honesty, I'd really like to hear less fear driven media and let's hear some statistics of who actually got the H1N1 flu AFTER receiving the vaccination!

  2. Thought I wouldn't be let back in the country after travelling all over the world this year...oh no I said that too loud, Tim they are coming for me! LOL. Again like I said in the last comments about wrestling. Fear! It sells. People feed on it and the media knows this. It breaks my heart the fears we live in. God did not give me a spirit of fear though, so H1N1 you have had you day...mwah ha ha!